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Videos in Facebook ads perform 20% better than images.


The statistics show that 70% of users admit video ads appeal to them more than images, which was successfully confirmed by our experience. When launching ad campaigns for B2B business, we noticed that video ads demonstrate a significantly better performance than those with images.


The number of fields in a contact form in B2B is not as important as it is in B2C.


While there is a rule of thumb that the more fields you have in a contact form, lesser leads you’ll get in the end, our experience has shown quite the opposite. By reducing the number of fields in the form, we did get more contacts. However, the quality of most of them was rather disappointing.


When we compared the number of quality contacts before and after we changed the number of fields, we found no significant differences. At the same time, the reduction of fields in B2C companies led to a decreased number of leads and lower sales.


Traffic growth is highly dependent on the quality of link building.


As an end-to-end marketing agency, we’re committed to improving your online presence and growing website traffic by building a quality link profile. Since we’re well versed in SEO, we know that quality here often comes first before quantity.


Thus, when building a link profile for one of our clients, we noticed that improved quality of linkbuilding almost always leads to an increase in the website traffic. By improving the quality of external links, we managed to boost traffic by 35%

Web marketing agency Digitalce - Insights

In B2B, calls have an 85% higher ROI compared to emails

Web marketing agency Digitalce - Insights

When processing leads who filled out their contact details on the website for one of our clients, we started with an automated outreach. We created email chains, set up a n email marketing campaign, and sent letters to people on the list.

Web marketing agency Digitalce - Insights

While we had well-crafted messages and sent follow-up letters, the response rate was low. Thus, we decided to make calls to remind people of their request and tell a bit more about the company. As a result, we get 85% more responses compared to emails.

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Marketing Director

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SEO Team Lead

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Senior PPC Manager

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Marketing Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a digital marketing agency do?
Digitalce is an all-in-one internet marketing agency that provides comprehensive services to businesses from different industries. We help companies build a strong marketing system to boost sales, drive customer loyalty and satisfaction, and stand out from the competition to win the market.
How much does a digital marketing agency cost?
The cost of hiring an internet marketing agency highly depends on the objectives you have. You can get in touch with us to estimate your project’s main focuses and discover digital marketing agency prices based on your goal.
Is it worth hiring an internet marketing agency?
Hiring a digital marketing agency is a profit-driving decision for businesses of any size. Thanks to systematic online promotion, our clients continuously drive traffic, boost their sales and improve revenue. Discover the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency on your own — contact us to discuss all the details.
What should I look for when hiring a digital marketing agency?
There are a few questions to ask before hiring a digital marketing agency. The first one is experience in your industry. Ask for cases, statistics and examples of what was done to boost another company from your niche. The second one is the working model. The Digitalce team is quite flexible: we can become your dedicated outsource marketing department, work white label, or provide outstaff employees. And the third one is, of course, what services the agency can offer. Usually, you need to have a meeting with marketing managers to evaluate your project and build a strategy to reach the desired results.
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