Top 22 SEO Tools Digitalce Experts Recommend Using in 2023

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As BrightEdge states, 68% of online experiences begin with using search engines. Thus, if you want to attract more traffic and successfully convert customers into buyers, clear-cut search engine optimization is essential. There are plenty of SEO management software that can simplify your work and drive profitable results for your website. 

Below, we highlight the most effective SEO tools for digital marketing and how our team implements them to boost our clients. Keep reading to discover the best practices for your project.


The main complex SEO tools Digitalce experts use

Best SEO tools

Below we provide the basic set of complex tools required for any SEO specialist. You don’t need to apply all of them at once, as they provide almost the same opportunities. However, each platform has its unique features that you may find useful for your website.



ahrefs toolbar

Despite being the most famous for its link profile analysis capabilities, Ahrefs provides different opportunities for keyword research, website monitoring and technical optimization. This tool also offers a Rank Tracker that allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your promotion based on added keywords by comparing your results with competitors. If you are on a tight budget and can’t afford too many tools, Ahrefs will suit your business perfectly.

Main features:

  • Keyword analysis (search volumes and difficulty scores)
  • Website audit and optimization
  • SEO competitors analysis
  • Ranking progress tracker
  • SERP history analysis
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Inbound and backlinks tracking
  • Content gap analysis

This system has a huge variety of features for search engine monitoring, content marketing and link building. The Digitalce team uses it to achieve multiple goals, such as conducting keyword research, performing competitor analysis and technical audits. We always pay attention to clients’ goals and adapt our approaches and services accordingly.



As one of the main Ahrefs competitors, the Semrush SEO tool deserves no less attention. It offers many unique features for link building campaigns, keyword research, technical audits, website analysis, SMM and content marketing. This comprehensive tool has various features for site audit and building a keyword strategy.

Main features:

  • Keyword research
  • Domains’ backlink profile analysis
  • SEO audit
  • Content audit and insights to improve it
  • Brand mentions and content reach tracking
  • Website traffic analysis
  • Social media management
  • On-page SEO ideas

Semrush is a great tool for conducting competitor analysis, following Google trends, finding keyword ideas and many more. Digitalce marketers and SEO specialists like Semrush because of its diversity of features for on-page, off-page and technical optimization.



This is also one of the largest providers of complex SEO tools that offers 50+ features for technical audit, backlinks analysis, keyword research, rank tracking, etc. Serpstat also provides a variety of tools that allow writers to generate content with AI, check its grammar and uniqueness and find new ideas. This is one of the best SEO tools for a small business that has everything in one place.

Main features:

  • Competitors analysis
  • Search traffic tracking
  • Keyword research
  • Analysis of local and worldwide trends
  • Rank tracking of the company and its competitors
  • Automatic reporting
  • Backlink analysis

Serpstat is one of the ideal small business SEO tools. It can be applied for different purposes thanks to its features. Digitalce specialists use this SEO tool mostly for technical optimization.



This is a comprehensive SEO tracking tool that provides a great variety of features for a site audit, keyword and link research, rank tracking and domain analysis. Moreover, Moz has a huge library of educational materials including guides, webinars, courses and Q&A. It also offers plenty of free SEO tools, so you can work with it on any budget.

Main features:

  • Rank tracking
  • Backlink analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor research 
  • SERP analysis
  • Site crawling on demand, technical issues and ways for optimization

We like Moz for regular releases of new features, solutions for businesses of any size and local SEO opportunities. Digitalce specialists use this tool to check some unique metrics, such as domain authority and spam score, calculated using unique Moz algorithms.


The best SEO audit website crawlers

If you need an SEO crawler tool, we know the variant you were searching for. Benefit from its features to analyze your content and web organization, as well as get a comprehensive image of your current situation.


Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog SEO Crawling Tool

This is an end-to-end on-page optimization tool with outstanding crawling capabilities. It allows businesses to conduct holistic technical audits, check titles, meta descriptions, handle duplicate content and develop link building strategies. Screaming Frog can be connected with your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts, which makes search engine optimization even easier.

Main features:

  • Meta titles and descriptions analysis
  • Broken links finder
  • Redirects audit
  • Content quality analysis
  • Robots and directories review
  • Site architecture visualization
  • Automated audits

Screaming Frog offers plenty of free features and is considered the best SEO reporting tool. We also like it for its efficiency and apply this tool for holistic website technical optimization. From detecting slow pages and collecting data about titles and descriptions to handling Robots directives, redirects, canonical tags and other critical issues — Screaming Frog can do everything you need.


The best SEO monitoring and reporting tools to simplify your work 

Best SEO Monitoring and Reporting Tools

Track your performance and discover opportunities for improvement quickly and efficiently with these analytical tools. It’s especially important that they are provided by Google — a search platform that can guarantee the effectiveness of its products.


Google Analytics

This software created by Google is reasonably regarded as the best SEO audit tool. Google Analytics provides companies with variable opportunities for reporting and visualization, as well as allows specialists to analyze sales funnel and set smart goals. With its help, you can better understand your buyer personas and improve the performance of your website. We especially like this tool as it provides plenty of free opportunities.

Main features:

  • Insights and machine learning capabilities
  • Integrations with other Google products to connect insights to results
  • Tag management
  • Lead generation and conversion analysis
  • Reporting on the website’s performance
  • Advertising audit

Digitalce marketers consider Google Analytics as one of the most efficient SEO reporting tools for agencies. They usually apply it to monitor user behavior, traffic sources and check the whole marketing funnel.


Google Search Console

Google Search Console Performance Data

It’s an essential tool for checking redirects, getting information about 404 pages, uploading new sitemaps, etc. Except for identifying the main SEO metrics, Search Console allows link builders to list internal and external pages that lead to the website. This tool also provides a simple and intuitive interface that makes it handy for marketers and other specialists. 

Main features:

  • Identifying the security issues
  • Checking the crawl rate
  • Adding or removing the property owners
  • Checking and uploading a sitemap
  • Reporting on the website’s speed and performance
  • Setting a preferred domain to determine how the website URL is displayed in SERPs
  • Writing and checking robots.txt files
  • Providing access to an API that allows admins to add, change and delete listings

Digitalce marketers consider Google Search Console as one of the essential B2B SEO tools. It can be useful for various niches and make your SEO site checkup much smoother. Our experts apply it to check the results of search engine optimization campaigns, as well as handle redirects and coverage issues.


SEO tools for a content writing to enhance your texts

Persuasive and engaging content is an essential part of any effective SEO promotion. Thus, below, we provide tools that will be helpful for any digital specialist to hook readers and smoothly lead them through the sales funnel.


Snippet optimizer 

This is a tool for SEO analysis that allows specialists to discover how your website will look in SERPs. This helps businesses optimize their titles, meta descriptions and other elements to look eye-catching and engage users in organic search results. Additionally, it helps discover which elements need to be shortened to perform better.

Main elements that the tool simulates:

  • Title 
  • Meta description
  • Rich snippet text
  • Breadcrumb links

Digitalce specialists use this tool due to its simplicity and usefulness. We always apply it before posting blog articles or adding new service pages to the websites of our clients.


Surfer SEO

This is an SEO content analysis tool you definitely need to pay attention to, as it offers plenty of features for content creation and search engine optimization. For instance, an in-depth SERP analysis allows you to study search results according to a specific keyword and discover the average length of content, page speed, alt texts, characters count in title tags and many more.

Main features:

  • A real-time measure of SEO performance (structure, word count, NLP-ready keywords and images)
  • Outline builder
  • Checking texts for plagiarism
  • Keyword research
  • An in-depth breakdown of the SERPs for a given keyword (SERP Analyzer)
  • LSI keywords scanner
  • NLP analysis

Digitalce marketers and content writers like this tool due to its wide range of features and simple SEO website analysis. We often apply it to find more diverse keywords, conduct NLP words search and discover the hottest topics for new articles.



SEOquake SEO Extension

It’s a free SEO tool that needs to be installed as a plugin for your browser. By applying SEOquake, you can conduct audits and discover the key search engine optimization metrics. Moreover, it offers a SERP overlay — a bar that highlights detailed data about each listing in real time and allows you to sort and export these results. Additionally, it can provide you with reports about a specific page you need to analyze. 

Main features:

  • Immediate review of all major metrics
  • SERPs analysis (with the possibility to export the results in CSV format)
  • Keyword difficulty estimation
  • SEO audit 
  • Internal and external links report
  • Checking mobile compatibility 
  • Comparing URLs/domains

Digitalce experts consider SEOquake as one of the best free SEO tools. We take advantage of it when it’s necessary to get comprehensive information about competitors immediately.


Small SEO Tools

This is a platform that includes a comprehensive set of SEO tools for content writing, keyword research, website management and tracking and many more. Small SEO Tools includes more than 120 features to fasten your work. An additional advantage is that you can try most of the features for free and upgrade a plan only when it’s necessary.

Main groups of tools the service provides:

  • Text analysis
  • Design and images editing
  • Keywords tools
  • Backlink tools
  • Website management and tracking
  • Proxy tools
  • Domain tools
  • Meta tags
  • Password management
  • Online PDF
  • Development tools
  • Unit and binary converter
  • Online calculators

As you see, the list of tools you can find while working with this platform is quite impressive. Digitalce specialists especially like it for its domain, meta content and development tools.


SEO automation tools for keyword research

Marketing automation is an efficient way to streamline processes and make your work more productive. To improve SEO, we recommend taking advantage of keyword research automation tools that can help you rank higher in SERPs and generate more high-quality traffic.


Keywords Everywhere 

Keywords Everywhere SEO Extension

This is one of the powerful keyword research tools that allow specialists to find out search volume, CPC and competition data of keywords on multiple websites. You can discover the top 5000 keywords any page or site ranks for, as well as find out connected queries. Keywords Everywhere helps to estimate the traffic you get for a particular keyword and download volume data at different levels of digitalization.

Main features for the free version:

  • Keyword widgets
  • Trend analytics
  • YouTube Insights
  • On-page analysis
  • Competitor gap audit
  • Traffic analysis

There’s also a paid version of Keywords Everywhere that provides more volume data (both historical and actual) from various platforms. Digitalce SEO specialists use this tool to find long-tailed keywords and creative ideas for titles.


Answer The Public 

This user-friendly SEO tool provides insights into customers’ queries by analyzing autocomplete data in search engines. Discover what your target audience is looking for to create relevant content and boost organic search. Answer The Public lets companies take their promotional campaigns to the next level, as well as make data-driven decisions about their future business actions. Additionally, this information helps in building a comprehensive SEO strategy that wins the competition.

Main features:

  • Reports on useful phrases around your target keywords
  • Trends monitoring
  • Automatic weekly digests through email
  • Notifications about new searches about your brand

Our team of experts loves this SEO analyzer due to its reliability and handy insights. We often apply Answer The Public while building a promotional strategy and planning advertising campaigns for our clients.


Google Trends

This free SEO analysis tool allows marketers to discover trends in a definite sphere and track their changes over time. Google Trends collects data about the search requests of millions of users and then structures this information. By using this tool, you can discover what customers are searching for from over the globe to the city level.

Main features:

  • Real-time search statistics that cover the last 7 days
  • Non-realtime data shows search behavior from back to 2004 till the last 72 hours
  • The number of searches is scaled from 0 to 100. If there are only a few inquiries, terms with low volume appear as “0”. 

Digitalce specialists like this SEO monitoring tool thanks to its simplicity and useful data. We apply it for building marketing strategies, as well as while launching PPC promotional campaigns.


The best technical optimization tools for any budget

Expert advice on SEO tools

To make a website loved by both customers and search engines, it’s essential to optimize it according to SEO requirements. Use the tools below to discover the issues with your platform and fix them without effort.


PageSpeed Insights

Improve page speed performance

You can apply this SEO checker tool to get reports on the loading speed of the website on mobile devices and computers. Marketing managers and other specialists use PageSpeed Insights because, in contrast to Chrome Browser Usability Reports which update every month, this tool provides new data daily and covers the last 30 days. 

Main features:

  • Loading speed statistics are estimated based on first content paint (FCP) and first input delay (FID) metrics
  • Recommendations on how to improve the speed 
  • Indications of how the situation will change if a certain recommendation is implemented
  • Diagnostics of whether a page conforms to best web development practices
  • Assessments of such indicators as content first render, enough content load time, download speed index, CPU end time, interaction load time and approximate input lag time

Our team often applies this tool to analyze the existing websites of our clients and discover opportunities for their improvement. We take advantage of PageSpeed Insights when it’s necessary to check Google Core Vitals’ performance and find effective ways to improve it.


This is a great tool that allows marketers to test users’ experience on the website and discover ways to improve it by running no-code experiments. WebPageTest conducts a video capture to correlate customers’ visual impressions to the technical measurements of the platform. Moreover, it provides bulk test capabilities to scale SEO performance and boost UX much faster.

Main features:

  • No-code experiments
  • In-depth metrics (DNS, TCP, TLS, etc.)
  • Custom experiments opportunities
  • Fine-grain controls across various browser versions and geographic locations
  • Gathering real user data from other sources

WebPageTest is useful for every website owner that wants to make the platform more user-friendly. Digitalce experts highly recommend applying it to overcome complex technical challenges, like mobile optimization, Google Core Vitals and load waterfalls.

Speed Links 

Specialists usually apply this SEO ranking software to index links and, this way, reach higher positions in search results. Speed Links provides plenty of plans to choose from and spend an optimum number of resources.

Main features:

  • Links indexing
  • Progress preview
  • API
  • URLs archive

Our specialists at Digitalce often take advantage of Speed Links’ simplicity and efficiency to index links for our client’s web pages.

This is an essential platform that contains a structured data vocabulary that webmasters can use to mark up their sites. By doing this, you can make your content better understood by the main search engines (Google, Microsoft Bing, Yandex and Yahoo!) and, consequently, improve your website’s performance on SERPs. 

Main markup features:

  • Logo
  • Local business
  • Review
  • Sitelink
  • Product allows specialists to make their websites understandable on a deeper level. Digitalce top SEO experts often apply this tool to generate and optimize a markup on any website quickly and efficiently.



You can apply this custom SEO software to monitor mobile and desktop ranking, track the competition and build graphs based on the parameters you are interested in. When using it, experts combine multiple data sets or add third-party information to visualize the situation and get useful insights. RankRanger is a handy platform that has many opportunities for marketing, SMM and SEO.

Main features:

  • Markup validation
  • Rank tracker
  • On-page SEO analysis and audit
  • Performance reports
  • Geo insights
  • Multi-metric insight graphics

Digitalce experts usually apply RankRanger for markup validation and website performance analysis. We also take advantage of its SEO small tools when it’s necessary to perform local website optimization.


Rich Results

Experts usually apply Rich Results to test their websites and how search engines interpret the structured data they contain. It is very helpful for crawling, finding errors on web pages and fixing them at once. An additional advantage of this tool is that it’s completely free.

Main features:

  • Testing rich results for a URL or a code snippet
  • Optional choosing of a user agent
  • Suggestions for a structured data
  • Crawling

Digitalce specialists apply this tool when it’s necessary to test the crawlability of a website or breadcrumbs.


SEO Tools: testers and generators

As well as other aspects of search engine optimization, technical SEO can be streamlined and automated. Here are a few tools for testing and generating that can save you time and costs. 


Technical SEO

The name of this SEO crawler tool completely aligns with its purpose. By using it, you can generate sitemaps, test websites with locale-adaptive or hreflang tags testers, simulate SERPs and do many more things connected with optimizing your site. The interface of the platform is user-friendly, and all tools are free.

Main features:

  • Сrawling
  • Rendering
  • Mobile testing and indexing
  • International and local SEO analysis
  • SERP simulator

We often take advantage of this tool when it’s required to test a website according to different parameters. Our SEO specialists use robots and mobile testing features the most often.


XML Sitemaps

This is the best SEO platform that offers both an online generator and a server-side script that you can install and use for creating sitemaps for your website. XML Sitemaps provides a free plan, so if you need to create a map for a small site, this will be quite enough. There are also add-ons to create images, videos and news sitemaps.

Main features:

  • Submitting sitemaps directly from their servers
  • Updating sitemaps without re-uploading them to your website
  • Multiple websites management
  • Indexing up to 1,500,000 pages
  • Detecting and listing broken links on the site

At Digitalce, we apply this tool when it’s necessary to generate a new sitemap, instead of an outdated one, to improve the crawlability of our clients’ websites.


Wrapping up

Now you have a comprehensive list of tools to boost your search engine optimization, no matter how complicated the task is. However, if you aim to improve your SEO performance and drive more search traffic to your website, we highly recommend collaborating with experienced specialists that can save you time and money. Get in touch with Digitalce to get a free consultation and opportunities for a profit-driving collaboration.


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