Why Are Complex Strategies Vital For Inbound Marketing?

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To reach marketing success, it is no longer enough to build a clear-cut strategy and apply it for years. New tactics to engage the target audience and boost sales appear every day. However, the essentials are still simple. In this article, we explain why inbound strategies are more powerful, what businesses they are suitable for, and provide the insights on how to use them effectively.


What Is Inbound Marketing?

what is inbound marketing

Inbound digital marketing is the system that allows companies to generate leads and convert them into clients by providing valuable content in combination with SEO, email campaigns, paid advertising and SMM. In such a way, you can build trustworthy relations with consumers before the purchase, allowing them to discover more about your company without direct selling.

One ultimate advantage of inbound marketing is that it can attract potential customers even in the distant future. For example, when you create a blog and write on a wide range of useful topics, people from the search results will keep visiting your website even if you don’t update the content regularly. With the right settings, this long-term approach will continue giving results to the promoted company and will never stop. 

Increased brand awareness and improved customer loyalty are other benefits we should mention. You provide consumers with insights without asking anything in return, so they automatically feel positive about your brand. Thus, these leads are more likely to buy from your company, so you only need to highlight your competitive advantages and showcase the expertise.


Inbound Marketing Examples: What Is Included? 

ibound marketing examples

There is a range of elements of an inbound marketing system you can use to skyrocket your company. Different combinations of them serve to build various inbound marketing tactics. As all of these elements are interdependent, you cannot use any of them separately and make the system work. So, let’s take a closer look at what can be included in an effective inbound marketing plan.



SEO is one of the most workable tactics that help companies attract website visitors through search engine results. It allows businesses to generate free traffic and receive organic leads. For example, the average click rate for the first position in Google is 28.5%, while for the second and third positions, it is 15.7% and 11% accordingly.

Using appropriate keywords, improving loading speed, creating website visitor journey maps, increasing the time spent on the pages and link building are among the most effective ways to enhance search engine optimization. We recommend testing various marketing techniques and tools to choose the best option for improving your SEO.


Content Marketing

The content you post influences conversions directly. Thus, we recommend using original pictures, texts and graphics to meet your marketing goals. One more important thing is that your content should always be logically organized and guide your reader through the sales funnel. Don’t forget to include a CTA to make the next step obvious.

The effectiveness of this element of the inbound strategy is proved by the fact that 73% of businesses have been very successful while spending 10-70% of their total marketing budget on content. 

If you want to drive more traffic to the website, consider creating a blog. It will help you attract more visitors from search engines and convert warm leads into clients. The content you post should accompany the user during all stages of the buyer journey. These stages include:

  • Awareness. Leads come to your website or social media platform uncertain about their problem. The main goal is to show that you know how to deal with the issue. You shouldn’t try to convince people to buy your products, instead, provide valuable content to prove your expertise. 
  • Consideration. People know clearly what their problem is and are searching for effective ways to fix it. One of the best marketing strategies to move consumers further down the sales funnel is to provide them with more specific and personalized content.
  • Conversion. This is the final stage, as an already engaged audience knows everything about their issue and just chooses the best vendor to work with. To convert already warm leads into buyers, offer convenient methods of collaboration. Don’t hesitate to be sales-oriented, apply your inbound marketing efforts to persuade people to buy.


Social Media

77% of marketers say that social media has been very effective for company promotion in 2022. This proves that building an online presence on social platforms is one of the inbound marketing best practices. It lets you reach the target audience, build a loyal community, and keep them engaged. 

To make social media marketing more effective, it is vital to choose the most applicable platforms for your clients. Before posting, develop an SMM plan, as it helps see the holistic image and create targeted content, relevant to your buyers’ needs. Also, try different marketing strategies and tactics and don’t be afraid of experiments. The principles of social media marketing constantly change, so it’s critical not to follow the same rules for years, but develop new approaches to the brand’s promotion. 


Email marketing

Currently, there are 4 billion email users and this number is expected to grow to 4.6 billion by 2025. Such impressive statistics motivate many business owners to use this channel for their brands’ promotion. Also, it is often much cheaper than social media or search engine advertising. 

You can collect users’ email addresses through the website or landing page. Get in touch with your prospects regularly to guide them from the awareness stage to the consideration and conversion ones. Segment the audience while running inbound marketing campaigns to provide the most valuable and relevant content for all groups. We recommend tracking the effectiveness of different emails, conducting A / B tests and applying only the winning solutions.


Paid advertising

PPC and targeted ads are also integral elements of any successful inbound marketing strategy. With this approach, paid advertising works as part of a complex system that aims not to generate one-time purchases, but to attract leads, convert and retain them for the long term.

Thus, working with ads within inbound tactics is more complicated and requires the deep knowledge and skills of marketing managers. Moreover, you should be able to build not only a comprehensive strategy but estimate the required budget. This completely depends on the competition of the market you are targeting.

It is vital to note that advertising can play various roles for different business types. Sometimes companies can use it to raise brand awareness, drive traffic to the website or promote a specific product or event. The goals and budgets of your paid ads will also vary depending on the stage of the sales funnel. Usually, you need to spend more to convert warm leads into clients than to educate customers about your brand or build awareness. 

Although there is no magic wand, all the mentioned techniques perform well only in capable hands. You can learn more about the digital marketing services we provide to improve your business promotion significantly.


How to Build a Winning Inbound Marketing System?

winning inbound marketing system

Inbound marketing is a system that allows companies to reach potential clients, educate them about the products and services offered, and convert them into regular buyers. Although we used to differentiate various approaches, like inbound, outbound, performance, product, growth marketing, etc. there is a small number of pure marketing systems nowadays. 

Depending on the industry you are working with, you should mix the tactics and make some elements more prominent to reach success. For example, inbound marketing is the main way to promote services, while dealing with product companies it is better to apply both inbound and outbound techniques.

Startups that develop digital products for B2B are great examples of businesses that need inbound marketing. In this case, you can combine it with product marketing, taking advantage of SEO, PR, referral recommendations, content, email campaigns and paid promotion. At the same time, inbound marketing will be less suitable for B2C companies, as these businesses need to constantly change channels of lead generation and the system will not work effectively under these conditions. Thus, it’s more reasonable to apply targeted advertising, SMM and A/B testing.


What Companies Can Benefit from Inbound Marketing Strategies

benefits of inbound marketing

As we understand from the inbound marketing definition, this process helps businesses build trusting and strong relations with potential clients. These advantages are critical for companies that focus on long-term collaboration with consumers. 

So, what brands can benefit from inbound marketing tactics? Usually, these are B2B companies and products. The competition in their niches is so high that, to stand out from the oversaturated market, they need to prove their expertise. Furthermore, these businesses need additional ways to generate organic traffic to their converting pages. Thus, B2B inbound marketing comes to the stage. It helps companies attract customers from the search engine results to their blog posts and redirect already warm leads to service pages.

This approach will be prominent for service companies, while brands that offer products need to mix outbound and inbound solutions. The necessity of complex strategies is proved by the fact that the average B2B buyer’s journey involves the consumption of 13 pieces of content. 


Marketing Advice On How To Develop A Strategy That Will Drive Leads?

lead generation strategy

You already know what the most effective marketing strategies usually consist of, and now, let’s discover how they are created. This process usually varies depending on the project specificity, but there are still a few steps you should pay attention to.  

  • Lead potential clients from stage to stage. The most critical thing is to build a step-by-step plan of how you will guide people through the sales funnel. First, you need to generate as many leads as possible by using alternative solutions, such as running a blog and social media accounts, improving SEO, guest posting, etc. Then lead consumers from stage to stage by providing more specific information. And finally, after you have already gained trust, convert them into buyers.
  • Analyze performance. As an integral part of digital marketing, a thorough studying of previous achievements and failures is necessary. Check the metrics regularly. Remember that the market situation also changes, so don’t forget to follow the trends in your niche. Once you’ve studied all the results and got a holistic image of your company’s performance, think about how you can improve it.
  • Optimize the sales funnel. Now you know the mistakes you’ve made before and can get a step closer to developing top marketing strategies. Improve the leaks in the sales funnel and think of new ways to provide better experiences to potential clients. You can ask consumers for feedback on different social channels and consider these insights while developing your future strategy.


To develop a well-defined marketing strategy, you need to consider plenty of details, such as who conducts the research, who makes the final decision, what aspects are the most critical to businesses you work with, etc. To close all objections, you need to involve many channels and build a strong content marketing, social media, email marketing, and SEO strategy.



Congrats, now you understand the inbound marketing meaning and how it can help you drive more traffic and increase sales. Apply all the tips you’ve discovered to build ideal inbound marketing strategies for your company. And don’t forget to choose reliable and skillful service providers to carry out your business promotion.



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