HR Acuity

Powerful Software for Team Management


Powerful Software for Team Management

HR Acuity is an employee relations management software that allows businesses of all sizes to standardize ER processes for more transparent data and fairer outcomes. By consistently documenting employee relations issues, this software helps companies mitigate risk and analyze trends to proactively identify potential weak points.


When HR Acuity reached out to us, they aimed to optimize their paid advertising, reduce cost per click and increase click and conversion rates. Additionally, they wanted to enlarge their influence in the industry and attract more clients across multiple channels.


Once the Digitalce team started working on the project, we analyzed previous campaigns, disabled ineffective ones and developed a strategy for future improvement. Then we tested new messages and ads to discover the most workable tactics and optimized search, LinkedIn and ongoing remarketing campaigns. Finally, our team worked on applying new offers and keyword tactics to reduce conversion costs for the client.



We achieved significant results in just two months.


2 times increase in lead generation in 2 months


2.5 times increase in conversions in 2 months

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