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Top Content From Retail Decision-Makers


Top Content From Retail Decision-Makers

The independent media provides retail insights and covers industry-related events. Their journalists develop award-winning podcasts, original content series and partnerships with the world’s leading events. The company aims to transform the global retail landscape by providing consumers with insights from top retail decision-makers and industry thought leaders.


When the client got in touch with us, they needed an agency to launch email outreach marketing campaigns, conduct A/B testing and acquire clients for events. They also wanted us to write email sequences that will persuade decision makers to buy media slots, like an interview with a company’s top manager, a mention in a specific article, on-website listing, etc.


To reach the best possible results, we started with a thorough analysis of previous clients’ campaigns and came up with an effective strategy. After this, we developed distribution lists for email and LinkedIn campaigns, wrote email sequences and conducted A/B testing. Once everything was ready, Digitalce’s expert team launched the campaigns to attract more clients to the company.



As a consequence of the implemented measures, the client reached significant results.


Reached up to 70% - 90% open rate


Click rate varied between 5% - 15%

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