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The B2C luxury travel company targets a global English-speaking audience and offers a wide range of tourist destinations, primarily in the Arctic and Antarctic. The owners wanted to build regular polar expeditions, although they struggled with obtaining clients through digital channels.


When the company got in touch with us, they didn’t have a website and needed a complete digital marketing strategy. They requested us to delegate a website development and help with increasing its traffic. Also, the company required growing consumers' brand awareness and building new lead channels to scale the audience.
Thus, partnering with a software development company, we helped create a solid website and focused on their search engine ranking, introduced social media strategy and worked a lot on their traffic improvement.


Starting from scratch, we’ve collaborated with a software development company to build a website and design its unique visual and illustration style. To make lead generation more effective, our team has created and applied an inbound marketing strategy. Furthermore, we’ve improved SEO and built a consistent and helpful SMM strategy for the company to optimize website conversion and educate consumers about the services offered.



The implemented changes allowed us to achieve impressive results.


From 0 to 88 MoM rise in organic traffic to the website.


From 0 to 4000 Instagram followers in 8 months

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