New Shape

B2B Fashion Holding Company


B2B Fashion Holding Company

New Shape is a B2B fashion holding company that develops and supplies functional and usable products for kids. Working with many retailers all over the globe, the company applies various sales channels and takes advantage of new technologies to reduce costs compared to its competitors. The main goal of New Shape is to constantly discover new systems or integrations to automate their workflow.


When the client got in touch with us, they strived to move from Amazon as their main sales channel to the website. Moreover, New Shape had no experience applying SEO, so they wanted us to take care of their on-page optimization. Increasing organic traffic and conversion rate were other objectives of the company.


To help New Shape reach and exceed its goals, our SEO team focused on improving its Shopify account. We developed a keyword strategy and performed technical optimization as well as clustering to help the company attract more organic visitors.



Thanks to a clear-cut strategy, workable solutions and tactics, we managed to achieve profitable results in the short term:


400% increase in conversions from organic search


Increase in paid leads from 0 to 10000

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