Wow How

B2B Video Production
and Animation


B2B Video Production and Animation

Wow How Studio is an innovative animation studio that offers outstanding visual services to promote business and inspire the world. The studio has a great team of visual artists and creative specialists able to produce appealing corporate videos for customers in different sectors.


Wow How Studio had a small in-house marketing team with the upcoming projects exceeding their capability. Looking for the most cost-effective option to proceed, Wow How Studio reached out to us.
The studio contacted us with a request to increase their website traffic and build new sales channels. Additionally, the studio had a commendable client base and required a marketing automation solution to operate it effectively


We have developed and deployed an inbound marketing strategy, initiated SEO combined with paid advertisement, and deployed an effective email marketing campaign to retain existing customers and attract new ones.



Thanks to effective coordination, we managed to achieve significant positive results in a few months


A rapid 3 times increase in lead generation in 3 months.


A 2 times increase in user sessions over 3 months.

Wow How Studio gained strong brand recognition and digital presence. In cooperation with Amnesty International, the studio released an important social project
to address Pandemia and related issues. Wow How Studio also introduced cutting-edge NFC solutions to increase the number of services they provide.

What’s Next?

Wow-How Studio is going to proceed with marketing promotion focusing on the following steps:


New advertising campaigns


YouTube channel optimization


Conversion rate optimization


User flow improvement

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