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+ What is inbound marketing all about?

With inbound marketing, you won’t need to annoy random users with irrelevant ads, irritating pop-ups, and cold calling to make them notice your brand. Using a top-notch inbound marketing strategy, you will attract people that are already interested in your business, nurture them with insightful content, gain their trust, make them your loyal customers, and build long-term relationships with them.

+ Inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing: what’s the difference?

Outbound marketing examples include TV commercials, cold calling, radio and print ads, email marketing, and pop-ups. While inbound marketing is focused on attracting high-quality leads that are already interested in certain products or services, outbound marketing involves reaching out to a wider audience in an effort to make a sale.

+ How long does it take to build an inbound marketing system?

Approximately, it takes about six months to build an efficient inbound marketing system and about a year to get the first results. It also takes a few months for a web page to be indexed by the search engines and bring you more traffic. Your inbound marketing system will be created for years, so by investing in your marketing campaign today, you ensure your business will reap long-term benefits in the future. It’s crucial to be patient waiting for your customers to come while we focus on offering them relevant content, special offers, impeccable experiences, and top services.

+ Does inbound marketing drive more sales?

While 86% of people skip TV commercials, businesses that use inbound marketing strategies generate four times as many leads as companies that use outbound methodology to get customers. It’s much easier to work with high-quality leads who are aware of your services and want to buy from you as they already know how your company can solve their challenges.

+ How can I measure inbound marketing success?

Though inbound marketing is not about fast results, you can always track your campaign’s success and ROI. Our inbound marketing agency will provide you with such key metrics as the level of organic traffic, your website’s bounce rate, lead conversion rate, revenue generated, and the level of content engagement. We always track the results and make adjustments to the marketing strategy when needed. Thus, you can be sure you apply cutting-edge practices to accelerate your business growth.

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