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Are you looking to improve brand awareness, generate more leads or build strong relationships with existing clients? According to Oberlo, 96% of decision makers say content marketing is effective for their brand. Our content marketing agency can plan, produce and deliver high-quality content on your company's behalf, so you can get valuable prospects and close sales easily.


How Can Your Business Benefit from Content Marketing?

The importance of creating a marketing content strategy is the work you do to get one step closer to your ambitious goals. In addition, excellent content allows you to:

  • Improve customer loyalty. Helping with the queries and concerns of your target audience allows you to provide customers with positive experiences and increase their retention.
  • Lead prospects to conversion. Accompany them through the buyer’s journey from the Awareness stage to the Conversion one, satisfying their special demands on each level.
  • Prove your expertise. Build a strong reputation by posting relevant and valuable content. This can help you stand out from other companies and get a strong competitive advantage.

Why Hire Digitalce Content Marketing Services Agency?

Content marketing can maximize profits only when you have a clear-cut strategy on how to reach the target audience. Thus, it is essential to collaborate with a trustworthy service vendor. Why choose Digitalce?

  • We can provide you with a comprehensive strategy. As an all-in-one marketing agency, Digitalce is able to provide you with a holistic image of your company’s current situation and future roadmap. Thus, you’ll scale much faster thanks to applying the right combination of solutions that empower each other.
  • We know what tactics will drive results in your niche. The Digitalce team has a wide experience with SaaS and software development companies, startups of different stages, e-commerce platforms and retail industry. We can definitely say what you need to skyrocket your marketing performance.
  • We have flexible work models. Digitalce experts can work white-label, provide custom solution packages or become your outsourced marketing department. We customize collaboration approaches according to your needs and projects.

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What is Included in Content Services?

Content Strategy

Most companies need a strategy to organize their content production and get the most out of it. This includes the development of your tone of voice, analysis of benefits and disadvantages, and applying content marketing and research services to discover your audience’s pain points. A content strategy covers the entire journey from where the customers are now to where they will do a target action.

Content Plan

A content plan specifies the marketing resources and types of content you need to deliver the strategy. This includes all the digital channels and tools you'll apply to create, publish and manage the copy. A content marketing plan should cover the following questions: Who will create the content? What kind of materials will the company share? When will it be published and distributed?

Blog Articles

A blog is one of the fundamental channels for content marketing to spread information. It helps to attract more prospects from organic search and convert them into subscribers. The goal of a blog is to share your company’s tone of voice and highlight your specific expertise in various fields. Articles should help potential customers in their buyer’s journey, leading them from stage to stage. Furthermore, regular blogging affects SEO positively.

SEO Texts

SEO content marketing is not just aimed at users, but also search engine bots. Well-structured texts help website pages to take leading positions in search results. Useful and high-quality content can increase platform attendance, sales, and popularity. Create informative, traffic-raising, and unique SEO copy, using relevant keywords and structures.

Email Sequences

Although e-mail sequences are not a new approach to promotion, they are still effective. They can increase brand awareness and level of trust, help inform about new products, and encourage already “warm” customers to act. E-mail sequences motivate clients to make repeated purchases and can boost a company's profits by several dozen percent or more.

Our Content Marketing Process

1. Target audience analysis

The first step before approaching any digital marketing activities is studying the target audience’s needs and preferences. This way we find the most persuasive promotional messages and understand how to deliver them to your buyer personas.

2. Competitor research

It is vital to stay on the same wave with market trends. Thanks to thorough competitor analysis, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of other companies on the market and discover the best content marketing types for your business.

3. Strategy development

Once the Digitalce team understands the situation on the market, we build a clear-cut strategy that includes content types, topics, posting frequency, channels we need to apply, etc. This lets us get a comprehensive roadmap of future actions.

4. Content plan development

A well-defined tactic is essential for creating high-quality content. Our copywriters collaborate with SEO specialists to choose relevant topics that will help you stand out from the crowd and generate more prospective leads.

5. Content creation and proofreading

The Digitalce specialists write pieces of content that boost brand awareness, drive loyalty and convert your prospects into clients. We deliver persuasive messages in simple words and satisfy our clients with efficient content marketing services.

6. Results tracking and improvement

‘Perfection has no limits’ — it is the motto of our company. We always strive to provide our clients with up-to-date and effective solutions. Thus, constant analysis, optimization and improvement are essential parts of Digitalce work.

Discover More About Our Achievements

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Search engine optimization services by SEO experts at Digitalce

Frequently Asked Questions

What email marketing services are?
Applying email marketing solutions is a way to promote businesses by sending commercial messages to existing or potential clients. Content types may vary according to the goal and the industry your business is working in. You can advertise your products, share educational newsletters or links to your social media and attract more customers to other platforms.
Why is it better to delegate your promotion to an email marketing services provider?
The reason is simple: email agencies have extensive experience in working with different cases and industries. Thus, they know how to optimize your resources to reach the best possible results. Moreover, collaborating with a dedicated digital marketing vendor frees up your time to deal with other strategic tasks and allows your employees to focus on business aspects your team is good at. Email marketing agencies usually provide a comprehensive approach to business promotion and offer different services to satisfy your needs. Collaborate with Digitalce to get a dedicated professional team that knows how your company can benefit from email marketing.
What is the difference between B2C and B2B email marketing?
The answer to this question highly depends on the peculiarities of each company. But in general, a recipient base for B2B companies is always smaller and includes key decision-makers, while in the B2C sphere there can be much more email subscribers. Among the best email marketing services for small B2C businesses is sending updates about new products or offers, while B2B companies and enterprises focus on setting relationships with potential partners and clients.
What is the cost of email marketing?
Email marketing services price greatly depends on your business goals. We always discuss this aspect during our consultations and identify the most optimal ways for companies to reach their objectives, while smartly spending time and resources and getting the most profit-driving result.

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